The Shielders Company and Dr. Deborah Hill Profile

April 27, 2022
It is the case that Dr. Deborah Hill, a licensed and board certified chiropractor operating out of California, works from the firm belief that everyone’s mind has far greater capability and is more powerful than most people will ever understand, which is probably what led her to develop the Shield Method, which is a mind-over-matter method for losing weight and taking greater control of life in general. It is that method that forms the basis for the creation of The Shielders Company.

The basic premise of the Shield Method is that it is possible for virtually anyone to learn how to use the "super willpower"they have to overcome their innate urges to do certain things that are antithetical to a healthy life. For example, the urge to eatmore than someone should can be overcome this way, as can the urge to smoke cigarettes or cigars, or anything else that is not good for them. By learning how to do this, they can avoid many serious health problems, as well as other problems that can negatively impact their quality of life.

A Business and Medical Profile of Dr. Deborah Hill, Shielders CEO

October 23, 2021
Everyone who has followed her career knows that Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified Doctor of Chiropractic who operates in the state of California. She has been highly accomplished in that field for a very long time and she has treated many people for a variety of ailments over several decades. However, unlike many chiropractors, she has something of an entrepreneurial side, as well.

You see, Dr. Deborah Hill has always been focused on personal betterment as a type of treatment that goes beyond simple pain relief and shows patients how to lead a better life. Back in the 1980s, for instance, as she served as director of the West Burbank Chiropractic Center, where she was for almost a decade, Dr. Hill developed a practice called Myoprobe Therapy, which eliminated pain and produced a full range of movement to arthritis sufferers and those who suffered pain in general, all without the use of drugs and chemicals that sometimes cause harm to patients.